Blog updates 4

Again a startover of my blog. I don't know if I will ever have a final version.

This time, I rebuild it using Next.js and hosted it on Netlify.com. Next.js is a framework build on top of React. As a long time Angular developer, I wanted to learn a second tool in Javascript, and decided to use React. But my main problem is, that I don't have a project to test it on. So I decided to create a dummy restaurant app with it.

While trying to find time to start the project. A building of the hosting company where my blog, git, cloud servers are hosted, burned down and I lost all of them. Without backup I lost most of my projects, files, content. Luckely my cloud files are also backed up on my drive, and most of my projects are also hosted on github. But some of them aren't... So I changed my goal to (re)build my blog using React, and host it on a provider. My options were Heroku, Netlify, Vercel. I already knew Heroku, so wanted to try something new, and Netlify is chosen.

But I'm still new to React, so I wanted to have a working routing system, and a friend suggested Next.js, so I followed this tutorial. And did the same blog, but start changing code to create the same layout as before. But this time, no plain css or bootstrap, and again, I wanted to use something I didn't used before. And for styling I used TailwindCSS. It's easy and nice, but need to spend more time with it.

The overal view is the same, and without javascript enabled, just little style changes. The sourcecode is hosted on Github, but currently as a private repository.

Kind regards

date: 2021-03-14 22:00:00
tags: react, nextjs, netlify, tailwindcss