Making my blog source code publically available

Yesterday, I passed time with my daughter(dancing, playing, making music, singing, watching animated movies), then decided to recreate my blog, because it was offline and as I mentioned in my previous post, a building of the hosting company, hosting my web server burned down. About couple of hours was needed to recreate my blog in new tech I just learned(Next.js, TailwindCSS) and host it easily(Netlify.com).

But I decided to create a private repo at first, which is mainly my start point for every project. First private, test thing out, if it fails, it stays hidden in the dark, if it's shareable, make it available to public :).

Today, I told a friend about my blog I recreated, but didn't showed the source yet. So after a while, I decided to make the repo publicly available, as it is a "shareable" project now.

This is the link https://github.com/aytacworld/adem.ayt.ac.

If you have any suggestions or improvement, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

date: 2021-03-15 20:00:00
tags: github, project