New Beginning

It's been 6 months since my last post. Lot have happened since then.

I started working in a chocolate factory at night, I had to wear clean uniform, and change my shoe, wear facemask, hearnet, gloves, put my clothes and phone in a locker. So I only had the locker key and a badge in my pocket.

It's mostly repetitive work, but I like to work there, after working for a whole month, I found another job to work during day. But didn't stop working at night on Fridays at the factory.

While working at the factory, I had a lot of time to think and create idea's. At the same time I was lucky to see how the system was automated, and was thinking on how to further improve this automation. Then suddenly, I started to compare the automation in the factory with writing code. I've been Frontend/Angular developer for about ~3 years now and I'm using rxjs(Observables, Streams, ...). I started to think about the automation in factory if it was rxjs operator.

Then I was thinking further, and decided to create a "virtual" factory, but I had so many different projects and idea's, so where do I begin. Why not one of my existing projects and mix it up with the new idea's I have? So I started to brainstorm about it.

In my next post I'll write about a project more in detail.

Stay well and have a nice evening.

Kind regards

date: 2020-11-26 21:25:00
tags: angular