Social stuff

There are times, I stop writing for a very long time, a lot happens, but I don't know what to write, where to start, so I don't write anything at all. Then there are some times, nothing special happens and I start writing multiple blogposts, which is mostly incomplete, or contains typo's. And one more thing, not all my posts are in English, so I write in the language I feel at that moment.

It's the same for my accounts on other (social) platforms. On some I didn't posted or answered for about a year or more. I added my social profiles on the bottom of my blog, also to keep me remind that I have those. PM send from those platforms will be forwarded to my email, which I try to answer in 24h.

I try to plan, (which is a big word, even for me), to restructure all my projects, files, life and profiles on platforms.

My company website(which is just a contact card of my company) and my blog are done for the moment. I also re-added rss support for my blog, which is a static xml page without extension, generated at build-time. This is a simple solution to publish rss, and I like that it is so simple.

Next thing to develop are Twitter and maybe LinkedIn integrations, so whenever I publish a blogpost, it will also be published on those platforms. One thing I dont like about developer accounts on those platforms are, the mandatory phonenumber check, to verify that I'm a human and not robot. And maybe add the ability to use icons or emoji's in my blogposts.

I also need to create a portfolio(or projects) page, but how to style it or which one should I add. Those are the FAQ in my head I ask myself, when trying to do something like that.

Kind regards

date: 2021-03-15 22:30:00
tags: twitter, linkedin, stackoverflow, github