Closing libreshop

Yes, it is true, Libreshop is closing.

8 months ago, I started this project with enthousiasm and with the purpose of helping as much people as possible by providing cheap privacy respecting hardware.

At beginning, it was difficult, but it was okay, after a while, it got easier to maintain this.

I had lot's of idea's to improve this webshop, but also the core business of Libreshop, but I didn't manage to find the time to improve. Other projects got higher in the priotity list, which made it extra hard to find time for this project.

Then the sales stopped, and the little time I used to maintain become also some time I could spare to do other projects.

At the end, I didn't had orders or time, and a little supply. It didn't made sense to keep the whole setting up and running, with no one interested.

I decided to keep the remaining products for spare parts or try to build them with what I got and donate to charity.

From today, I'm not taking any orders.

This website is going to be closed after a while. If there are people interested in this domain as well, you can contact me.

Stay well and have a nice weekend.

Kind regards

date: 2020-05-18 14:00:00
tags: libreshop